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If you work most of the day in an office, you probably believe it is hard to regularly engage in healthy behaviors. But disproving your assertion, we came up with not one but twelve (plus one) simple ways to improve your mind, body, and soul in a typical office setting. 


Keep wholesome snacks close by 

Place a bag of almonds or roasted and salted mixed seeds next to your laptop instead. Compared to standing up to grab something from the office canteen, it is significantly simpler.


Bring lunch from home

You get to decide what foods you choose to consume when you cook it, not the neighborhood restaurant you like to eat at. Yes, this requires work, but it’s well worth it for both your financial situation and your health.


Regularly stand up and stretch

Spend 30 minutes a day standing at your desk, even if it’s just to respond to a few emails or complete quick tasks. We bet it will give you more energy. Oh, and if there isn’t a space for you to stand up while working at your office, make sure you literally stand up and stretch at least once an hour.

Nothing is worse than leaving work at the end of the day with a stiff neck or aching muscles, so prevent the agony by standing up and stretching regularly!


Use intelligent computer behavior

It is exhausting and taxing on the eyes, neck, back, and head to stare at a computer screen all day. Therefore, keep in mind to take brief rests between work, lower the computer’s brightness, sit up straight, apply eye drops, and periodically change positions.


Go up that flight of stairs

When you don’t have time for a workout, taking stairs is a simpler approach to raise your heart rate. It may seem like a boring concept but science claims it will boost your intelligence!


Take a brief nap

It can be challenging to simply pass out at your desk without disturbing your supervisor, but if you can—and really need to—let them know you could use a little rest to refocus and excuse yourself to a couch or quiet area for a little nap. For the remainder of the day, your productivity will increase. (But refrain from doing it daily.)


Go outside to work for a while

Lea McLeod, a career coach, asserts that your natural home is not a room packed with fluorescent lights and computer displays.

Grab your laptop or a traditional notepad and work (even for a little while) at a local park, on a bench outside of your place of business, or in an outside eatery. You’ll feel less stressed and get a good dose of vitamin D. 


Set aside some personal time

Working constantly is simply unhealthy for you. Lily Herman wrote that her incessant need to work came to a head when she started showing signs of ‘brownout’—it’s the idea that while she was appearing to be functioning normally on the surface, she was gradually growing exhausted, unmotivated, and uninspired.

Set out time on your calendar specifically for yourself, whether that entails grabbing a coffee, perusing social media, or engaging in conversation with a coworker.


Frequently sip water

Actually, it should go without saying. Water makes the body joyful (and gives fewer mid-day headaches). The trick of the trade? It’s an adorable sipper water bottle.


Purchase a stress-reliever

It will help your work relations and reduce your stress if you take your anger out on anything other than your coworkers or boss. Channel your negative energy on the stress-reliving toy instead of those around you.


Start a tradition of office exercise

The 3 PM “judgment-free” push-ups, when members of our staff pause what they’re doing to perform a round of push-ups together, can be a major hit at your workplace. It’s a terrific method for coworkers to bond in addition to engaging in a brief workout.

Organize a gathering if you can and establish your own wholesome tradition! It can be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk in the middle of the day or switching from tea to coffee in the afternoons.


Pull your hands off the desk 

Give your hands a break by stretching them out or taking a moment to relax them in your lap because they’re doing the legwork all day (unlike your legs). 

One final tip: Always exercise moderation. A balance between work and play, cookies and veggies, and sitting and standing, are all aspects of healthy behaviors. 

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