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What is Anger Management?
Anger management employs a variety of approaches to assist a person cope with thoughts, feelings, and actions in a healthy and constructive manner, as unmanaged anger can often lead to aggressive conduct. 

Managing your anger does not imply that you will never be furious. Rather, it entails learning to recognize, manage, and express anger in a healthy and constructive manner. Anger control is a skill that can be learned by everyone. There’s always space for improvement, even if you think you’ve got your anger under control.

Here’s some tips to start off with:

  • Think before speaking.
    We often say things impulsively in anger which we don’t mean, calm down before saying anything that you might regret later.
  • Express your anger, but in a calm state.
    Express your feelings in a non confrontational manner. The other person is a human too, don’t try hurting or manipulating them.
  • Exercise!
    If you feel your anger rising, go for a fast walk or run, or do some other physical activity.
  • Time Out Technique
    A few seconds of silence may help you feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes your way without becoming agitated.
  • Sort it out with possible solutions.
    Rather than focusing on what made you angry, focus on resolving the current problem.
  • Don’t play the blame game.
    Avoid being a critic or putting blame, as this will just add to the stress. Respectful and specific communication is essential.
  • Never ever hold a grudge!
    Forgiveness is an extremely effective weapon. You could learn from the experience and deepen your friendship if you can forgive someone who has angered you.
  • Use humor to kill the tension.
    Taking things lightly can help ease down tension.
  • Use relaxation skills.
    Deep-breathing exercises, imagining a soothing scenario, listening to music, writing in a notebook, or doing a few yoga positions are all good options.
  • Seek help when you feel like it.
    Controlling anger can feel impossible for anyone at times. Seek assistance from your closed ones or a professional when it’s needed.
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