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An eating disorder can lead to a variety of psychiatric & physical illnesses. The most common reason behind developing an eating disorder starts with unhealthy eating patterns. 

People overlook a healthy eating pattern for numerous reasons — while some try to cut weight by eating less (which is a complete myth and an unhealthy way of losing fat), the others might be affected because of various external factors such as sleep deprivation or intoxicants. 

An eating disorder can have a substantial negative impact on health and, if ignored, can even cause death.
Many adults today face numerous challenges because of eating disorders as this topic is never showcased enough of light in the public eye. While diagnosis and treatment does help grown individuals suffering from the disorder, it is more psychological than physical and hence needs to be diagnosed and treated as early in childhood. 


Some different types of eating disorders:

An eating disorder in which a person is used to consuming foreign material that might not even be food and have zero nutrition value.

People who suffer from PICA have a craving for non-food items including chalk, soap, paper, detergent, ice, dirt, etc. PICA can happen to adults, kids, and teenagers.


Rumination Disorder
In this condition a person vomits the food that they have already digested and swallowed, re-chews it, and then either re-swallows it or spits it out.

Rumination disorder, if left untreated, can lead to severe malnutrition and weight loss, both of which are potentially fatal.


Anorexia nervosa

This is a disorder in which an individual who is underweight often perceives himself as overweight. They frequently stress about their weight and might do the following – such as tracking their weight constantly, staying away from particular meals, and drastically limiting their calorie consumption.


Common signs and symptoms:

  • Distorted body image, which leads to denial of being significantly underweight.
  • Extremely restrictive eating habits.


Why an eating disorder needs to be fixed ASAP –

Problems associated with eating disorders can take out the joy from life, and in some cases might even result in fatality. 

According to studies eating disorders have been proven to be linked to the following:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Growth & nutrition development issues 
  • Diseases caused by drug usage
  • Work and academic concerns
  • Social and interpersonal issues


Though all groups of different ages face this issue, it is more likely that someone develops an eating disorder in their early childhood. Therefore one must encourage young children at home to adopt healthy eating habits as there is no surefire solution to stop eating disorders.

A healthy eating habit doesn’t just include the diet but also good eating practices like –

  • Educate the child about the importance of nutrition and how a balanced diet is important.
  • Do not diet in front of your child! They might pick up half of the information and apply it into their lives causing trouble. 
  • Family mealtime customs may have a severe impact on how kids interact with food. As you eat meals together, talk to your child about the dangers of dieting and promote a balanced diet in manageable portions.
  • Speak to your child. There are plenty of social media sites & businesses that promote ill concepts only to make benefit out of the consumer. It’s critical to dispel any erroneous beliefs like these and to discuss with your child the dangers of making poor food choices.
  • As an adult, consult your nearest nutritionist at the earliest to get back on a healthy lifestyle!


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