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The novel coronavirus virus and its mutants have been raging havoc on people around the world since the pandemic started. The very foundation of healthcare systems have been challenged and tested for resilience globally. As frontline healthcare, researchers, and common people navigate their way through these unprecedented times, the fight against the virus is far from being over.

At Medi Assist, we foresaw the potential mayhem in late February, 2020. We started adapting to the situation almost immediately after. We brainstormed and executed business continuity plans, partnerships, and virtual customer service delivery processes very early on.

The problems forsaken by this pandemic were many, including finding beds in hospitals, booking COVID tests, setting up helplines for people who did not understand their symptoms, and addressing the many common queries that members had. This led us to inspiring change in our work cultures, and motivating productivity in our employees, to address the challenges of everybody connected to us – our members, agents, partners, and  customers. Notwithstanding the immediate changes, we were able to grow our business, introduce new lines of businesses, and onboard new customers.

To ensure that our services ran smoothly every step of the way, we introduces various initiatives, some of which are as follows:

  • COVID-19 Treatment hospital, list on MediBuddy Portal
  • Helpline for COVID-19 general queries
  • COVID-19 specific communication material – precautions, guidelines, health tips, process flows etc.

Services available on the MediBuddy App:

  • COVID vaccination registration
  • Buy COVID essentials
  • Book RT-PCR tests and Antibody tests
  • Find COVID hospitals near you

 Click on the link below for all information COVID:

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