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“These laddus are the best that I have had in a long time!” remarked Dhiren, through a mouthful of the delicious sweet treat. Raman had been blessed with a baby girl, and had brought a truckload of sweets to distribute at his office. After all the buzz of congratulatory messages dimmed down, Raman headed to the cafeteria for a break, along with Dhiren, where they got chatting on the health of his wife and his baby girl.

eCashless for Planned Hospitalization

After a few days, as Dhiren peeked into Raman’s laptop, he saw him do a Google search on – How to submit an insurance reimbursement claim- which exasperated him. “Didn’t you opt for eCashless?” a very puzzled Dhiren asked. Raman stared blankly, and showed him a pile of bills, “Well, I am going to get all my money reimbursed, just going to apply for a reimbursement claim.” This was Dhiren’s face-palm moment. The ever-efficient Raman had not considered eCashless at all! It was time to sit him down and help him understand the difference between eCashless and reimbursement. “Sure Raman, either way you will logically not be spending any money, but what about the time you invest to get your bills cleared? In this day and age, time IS money!” A baffled Raman looked on, “Dhiren, you mean you know of a better and faster way to get my money reimbursed?” “No Raman, I know of a way that can save you money AND time, along with a host of other benefits thrown in!”

Dhiren put an arm around Raman’s shoulder as he escorted him out to the cafeteria. He found a silent nook, ordered for hot cups of delicious tea and began. “Raman, claiming reimbursement for hospitalization may not be a straightforward task as there may be several challenges involved in processing your claim. At times you may be required to submit additional details or documents, and additional information on the procedure in question. And to top it all, the actual processing of the claim begins only after all the documents have been received in full. The time taken during the entire process can be stressful.” Dhiren could locate a spark of curiosity in Raman’s eyes, who had furrowed his brow and tilted his head as he listened. Dhiren recognized Raman’s signature ‘keen-to-know-more’ cue and went on.

“Raman my friend, the key to the most hassle-free cashless hospitalization experience is eCashless! It reduces wait-time for pre-authorization at the hospital by as much as 90%. You can request a provisional pre-authorization from a laptop or a mobile app, choose your preferred room type and get green channelled into your room on the date of admission. These go a long way in improving your experience at the time of hospitalization.”

“And Dhiren, how does this work?” Raman interrupted.  “Coming to that Raman, hold on!” said Dhiren, “All you need to do is log onto the MediBuddy portal or app and raise an eCashless request. Once Medi Assist receives this request, it is forwarded to the chosen hospital. Based on the recommended procedure, the hospital sends the details of the estimated cost of treatment. Once this is received, Medi Assist applies your policy terms and conditions in order to calculate the provisionally approved amount for your cashless treatment. “

“The best part is, you can view this information regarding cost of treatment in advance on MediBuddy. This gives you an idea about the amount you should arrange for the hospitalization and plan your resources accordingly.”

“Wow!” quipped Raman, “and what happens next Dhiren?” Dhiren was happy to see that his friend was impressed, and he went on, “On the day of admission, all you need to do is take the person to the hospital along with an E-card and photo ID and within a few minutes, you get green-channelled into your allotted room.”

Raman, who just a moment ago had excitement written all over his face, suddenly looked sullen. “Oh Dhiren, I think I missed the bus!” “Never mind”, Dhiren said mischievously and winked, “You can use your new-found knowledge when you come to distribute sweets the next time around!” And they guffawed with laughter as the tea spilled from their cups.


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