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Consider how you plan a vacation today. You don’t wait for hours at the travel agent’s desk; you don’t stand in the queue for your train or air tickets; you simply use your smartphone and plan your vacation online. The simplicity of booking and scheduling makes the holiday even more enjoyable.

Now consider how you plan a hospitalization in the family. After consultation with your doctor, you walk into the hospital on the finalized date of admission for the procedure. You join the long queue at the insurance desk to apply for a preauthorization. And while you’re away there, your family waits anxiously for you at the ward. “Why doesn’t someone think of a better way to get this done more efficiently?” you think to yourself.

We did! Presenting eCashless from Medi Assist, a whole new way of experiencing cashless hospitalization. eCashless gives you the power to get a provisional preauthorization even before you walk into the hospital. Here’s how it works:

  1. You opt for an eCashless using your MediBuddy mobile app and enter basic details about the treatment.
  2. Medi Assist sends your request to your chosen network hospital.
  3. The hospital provides an early estimate for the treatment and forwards your request to Medi Assist.
  4. Medi Assist releases a provisional preauthorization to the hospital. Simultaneously, you receive a secure passcode for your request.
  5. On the date of admission, you walk into the hospital and show your secure passcode at the insurance desk.
  6. The hospital “unlocks” your provisional approval with your passcode and instantly hands over the preauthorization.

The result, no waiting, no queues, no last-minute decision making and much lesser anxiety. What more, a planned hospitalization with Medi Assist also helps you reduce your out of pocket expense by opting for preferred discounted tariffs.

So the next time you’re planning a hospitalization, don’t do it the traditional way – make it eCashless, make it really, really easy.

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