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If you are an insurance agent, you may have already experienced our MediBuddy agent portal. Let us make the experience more refreshing for you. Medi Assist welcomes you to the transforming world of MediBuddy with exciting new features. The new portal has features that are aimed at helping you, the insurance agent, take control of your customers’ health benefits and empower you with all the information you need to serve them better.

What are the features available to you?

The following are some of the features available to you:

  • You can now create your own preferred login to access your MediBuddy’s features.
  • You can gain visibility into your customers and their health insurance policies. Now, you can also know when your customers’ policies are due for renewal.
  • You can get real-time status of your customers’ health insurance claims.
  • You can instantly download e-cards for any of your customers anytime from anywhere.
  • You can use our map-based search to locate a preferred network hospital in your vicinity or filter network hospitals by insurers.

In order to access these new features, you must first activate your account in the new portal.

How do you activate your account?

Activating your account is simple and secure. You need to just follow three simple steps:

1. Identify yourself

You need to identify yourself using your Agent ID & policy details of two of your customers. The policy details that are to be provided include their policy numbers and the policy holders’ name.

2. Update your contact details

Enter your contact details in the given fields. Make sure that you have entered your correct email ID and mobile number to which a secure one-time password (OTP), which is mandatory to confirm your login, will be sent.

3. Choose your preferred login

You can now select your own username and password to create your preferred login. Use the OTP you have received to confirm your profile.

You are now ready to use the portal. Click Login on the top of the page and use the credentials you have used for logging into your account. You can view all the policies for all your customers, download e-cards for them, identify when their policies are due for renewal, assist them with e-card download, claims intimation, and do much more.


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