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We place our customers first, and everything we do as a business is geared toward making their lives easier. We all know that providing excellent customer service primarily involves treating customers fairly, but the correct technology takes this concept to a whole new level. People assess a service according to their most meaningful and sincere experience with it. 

Being able to leverage technology acts as an anchor for us and empowers us and you, the policyholder by having improved access to health insurance. Today marks one of those wins for us, and in light of this and our commitment to placing our customers at the center of everything we do, we are introducing WhatsApp as a service channel.

Why did we choose WhatsApp to reach you?

Communication becomes easy when it is made available through a familiar platform. One such powerful platform is WhatsApp! Since over 400 million Indians use WhatsApp, it makes sense that we should have our customer support there as well since technology is ultimately the only genuinely seamless means to reach our consumers. 

WhatsApp is not just powerful because of its familiarity, but also for its convenience. Consider that you are a policyholder and that you need to use your company’s health insurance. You search for your E-Card but are unable to find it. You do not have enough time to call your TPA’s call center and wait for the E-Card to arrive in your mailbox. Your HR may take some time as well. In current times of rapid access, the urgency for insurance and health is ten times greater. You only need to message us on WhatsApp during this difficult period, and our ChatBot will handle the rest. The cherry on top is that our ChatBot will be accessible 24/7!


What can you chat with our Bot about?

While we continue to develop our WhatsApp ChatBot to handle more complex tasks, it is capable of answering some of your more frequent questions. Along with the WhatsApp ChatBot, all of you will continue to have complete access to our call centers and emails. Following are some of your queries that our WhatsApp Bot can address for you:

  1. Download your E-Cards
  2. Find nearest Network Hospitals
  3. Download any Claim Form
  4. Locate the nearest Medi Assist office

We recognize you and we are here for you whenever you need us, quite literally. The WhatsApp ChatBot helps us come closer to you and help you in the most unprecedented of times. From viewing your policy details by downloading your E-Card directly via chat to downloading reimbursement or cashless claim forms, to finding the nearest network hospital, to locating Medi Assist offices across the country — all of this is just one “Hi” away.

See you on Whatsapp

All you have to do is click on our WhatsApp business link OR, scan the QR code displayed below. Doing so will automatically redirect you to the official Medi Assist WhatsApp window. Just type “Hi” or “Hello” to initiate a conversation with us.

Access the WhatsApp Business window: 

We think that utilizing technology can increase consumer satisfaction. At Medi Assist, we’ve always put it first. We consider technology as an anchor to improve your experience across the board with our services even as we continue to innovate. Knowing that the WhatsApp ChatBot will strengthen our relationship with each of you by understanding your priorities better, we are overjoyed. It is a platform that is currently trusted by you and is loaded with strong security measures and sophisticated messaging capabilities that will eventually allow us to be there for you in more ways than one.

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