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Health insurance is something that provides all of us with an added layer of security especially in situations of medical emergencies to cover financial crises. However, there is something that is ailing the health insurance sector and the insurance industry at an overall level – fraudulence.

The concept of insurance fraud is sadly witnessing a steep rise in recent years.  As the world of claims continues to go through a significant amount of innovation and disruption, there is also an increased risk of claims fraud that looms around the corner.  

If there’s one way to combat this challenge, it is by using the right kind of technology.

At Medi Assist, we process over a billion claims every year, which means that we touch more than a billion lives. Our key focus has always been in ensuring that our customers and their information is safe and secure, just like their trust in us. We have been on a mission to address each stage of the fraud process: prevention, detection, handling, and settlement. Our engineering teams have been able to harness, scale, and innovate to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing claims environment with one goal in mind- Delivering impeccable healthcare experience to our members and corporates. That said, we wanted to share features that Medi Assist has implemented over the course of time to help us protect you better. 

Along the way, we recognized a few areas that could help solve the challenge of claims fraud through our technology platform and developed three key new features – Single Sign-On, Contact Verification, and Sum Insured Protect. These innovative features are here to change the way we look at claim submission and are without a doubt,  the most innovative mix of technology with a barrier of security.

Single Sign-On feature (SSO)

The Single Sign-On feature (SSO) is a robust technology that enables corporate employees to access the MediBuddy portal from their intranet with their internal username and password to avail benefits and diverse services. 

Contact Verification

To introduce an added layer of security when logging into our portal ensuring that a member’s personal information, bank details, and claim details are safe at all times, we introduced contact verification – which is a two-step verification process that uses the OTP based login mechanism to significantly decrease the risk of hackers accessing online accounts, blocking a bulk of the phishing attacks. 

SI Protect or Sum Insured protect

Our MediBuddy portal allows seamless claims submission, however, we wanted to take this technology up a notch and developed a deep tech feature called SI Protect or Sum Insured protect that enables members to verify a claim submitted on the platform. The member will then have to give concurrence for any claim raised by them or their beneficiary. If the member fails to verify the claim, the claim will not be sent to the Medi Assist team for further process. This will ensure an added level of security and verification for all claims raised and safeguard your Sum Insured amount against fraudulent activity, by helping you identify unauthorized activities related to your insurance account. 

Medi Assist’s mission is to restore and enhance lives, businesses, and communities, and as a leader in the health insurance sector, we are all set to adapt to this fast-changing environment. With this innovative approach, we are all set to fight claims fraud while ensuring that our platform is safe and expertly crafted to ensure that our members and their information is safe at all times.

Log into your MediBuddy portal to know more.


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