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One of the most powerful and commonly used inventions of the modern world is the mobile phone. Almost every household owns a mobile phone. But in recent years, there have been several questions with concerns over the harmful effects of using mobile phones. 

These questions arise from the fact that mobile phones emit radiofrequency radiations. Let’s look at how these radiations can harm humans, as per different researches:

  • Parts of the body nearest to the mobile can absorb the radiation energy. Exposure to such radiations is known to increase the risk of cancer.
  • Various studies indicate that the emissions from a cell phone can cause genetic damage, tumors, memory loss, low sperm count, increased blood pressure, and weakening of immune systems.
  • In May 2011, the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer announced it was classifying electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and other sources as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and advised the public to adopt safety measures to reduce exposure.

To be safe, experts suggest the following practices to limit unnecessary exposure to radiation from mobile devices:

  • Unplug from your usual device usage as much as possible. 
  • Don’t keep your phone next to your body, such as in a pocket. 
  • Use a speakerphone or a headset when making calls. 
  • Don’t sleep next to your phone or other devices. 
  • Keep the phone on airplane mode when you’re not using it.
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