Human touch is the number one feature of our Virtual Help Desks!

This pandemic has gotten the world to take an unexpected breather. The healthcare systems around the world faced a major hit as it tested developed, developing and under-developed nations alike! India, with its healthcare system ranking 145th among 195 countries, was overburdened throughout the pandemic but has emerged graceful nonetheless.

How was the health insurance sector affected?

As healthcare takes the front seat this year, for everybody around the globe, companies want to constantly rise to the expectations of their customers. One among those expectations is to not compromise human touch unlike the demands of social distancing norms.

With this, we also see a constant rise in the volume of health insurance claims as more and more of your loved ones get admitted to hospitals, we understand how overwhelming a hospitalization experience could be for you. Adding to that deluge would be the last thing that we would want to do.

How does Medi Assist help you with its help desk feature?

We want to introduce to you your very own Virtual Help Desks that prevent you from writing long, descriptive emails while living the whole hospital experience all over again! The core of the Virtual Help Desk feature involves using technology with an added human touch which relates back to our core value of enhancing and improving healthcare decisions for our members. This feature can be accessed both through the MAven app and Medi Assist portal as per your convenience.

As we try to ace the health insurance claims management, this pandemic season, we launch the Virtual Help Desks to simulate the physical claims help desk on the cloud for your and your family's utmost convenience.

Our help desks have superheroes attending to you on the other side of the line, ones who understand and aid your claim settlement process in the most empathetic way possible. To keep up with the steadfast of digital adoption and the volume of cashless/reimbursement claims along with the fear of contracting the virus, virtual help seems like the only viable solution!

What can you expect from our help desks?

Text Chat: Text your queries to an agent through the chat window.

3 Way Calls option: Connect with the agent at your comfort through audio, one-way video, or both ways video.

Record conversations: Record any audio or video conversations for easy recall.

Easy Switch: Continue an old conversation or start a new conversation with the agent.

Share files and location: Share your location and easily upload/share multiple files on the chat on the go. Files uploaded should be in PDF format and file size upto 5MB.

To find out more, watch our video and/or login to the Medi Assist Portal/App today!


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