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The need for safe blood is vast, but access to it is scarce. This coming week celebrates World Blood Donor Day on 14th June, a day that serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products.
Safe blood and blood products and their transfusion are vital in treating people in need because of various everyday mishaps in the world like accidents, natural disasters, and armed conflicts.

Volunteering for blood donation is a simple step that anybody may take to nurture their communities, assist health systems, and, most importantly, save lives.
As we know the importance of blood and how it cannot be replaced without someone’s humble donation, it is a necessity to take measurable ways to maintain healthy blood circulation throughout the body.

Why is proper blood circulation so important?

  • It ensures the continuous flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body.
  • Helps in healing wounds faster.
  • Keep the brain sharp and running.
  • Maintains heart health and minimizes chances of stroke or heart attacks.
  • Having good blood circulation also shows up on your skin and gives it a natural pumped look.
  • Healthy blood circulation is also proven to strengthen the immune system as certain blood cells flowing through the bloodstream help in fighting infection. 

Causes leading to poor circulation 

  • Obesity
  • Anemia
  • High blood pressure 
  • Untreated blood clots
  • Peripheral artery disease (a condition leading to narrowed arteries reducing blood flow)
  • Smoking can also be a major factor

Steps to make your circulation flow

  • Add green or black tea to your daily diet. They contain antioxidants that help in broadening the blood vessels helping in easy circulation of blood.
  • If you are suffering from anemia (a condition that leads to a lack of healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues) it is a must to take iron supplements and eat iron-rich food. Consult a doctor before taking iron supplements to validate the right dosage needed according to your body’s needs.
  • Get moving! Cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, walking, or biking are extremely important. Build a routine and exercise at least 3-4 days a week.
  • Smoking can be your biggest foe. It hinders your blood flow, destroys blood vessel walls, and causes plaque to accumulate in the veins.
  • Let go of the stress. Indulge in group activities like yoga and sports. Practice meditation, read self-help books, or simply catch up with your loved ones on a regular basis. 
  • Improve your diet! Increase the following in your diet to boost your blood flow —
  1. Fatty fish
  2. Leafy greens
  3. Citrus fruits
  4. Walnuts
  5. Garlic
  6. Tomatoes 
  7. Ginger
  8. Onions
  9. Pomegranate


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