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Respiratory disorders such as asthma are becoming increasingly common as a result of causes such as increased pollution. 

The air we breathe in passes via our nose, throat, and lungs during breathing. Asthma is a condition in which the airways to the lungs expand and the surrounding muscles tighten. This causes mucus to clog the airways, preventing oxygen from reaching the lungs. This leads to asthma.

As asthma is severely common now, it is important to know the types of medicines & treatments: 

  1. Quick-Relief Medicines- These act as a quick reliever and are used to ease down sudden symptoms. 
  2. Controller Medicines- These aid in controlling asthma by fixing the problems in the airways, like swelling and excessive mucus.
  3. Quick-Relief & Controller Medicine Combination- This combination helps in both quick relief & controlling the symptoms. 
  4. Biologics- This treatment specifically focuses on a cell & prevents airways from swelling. 

The majority of asthma medications are taken using an inhaler or nebulizer. However, certain asthma medications are available in tablet, infusion, or injectable form.


Long-term asthma treatment may include breathing exercises, rescue, or first-aid treatments, as well as asthma control drugs. 

The following are some asthma prevention methods: 

  1. Breathing exercises enhance airflow into and out of the lungs, which helps to alleviate asthma symptoms. 
  2. Long-term asthma control drugs are taken on a regular basis for years to keep asthma at bay. Fluticasone propionate, for example, is an inhaled corticosteroid. 
  3. Short-acting beta agonists, such as albuterol, are used in some short-term treatments. 
  4. Bronchial thermoplasty is used to treat severe asthma when other treatments have failed.
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