Health insurance claims

Effortless claim tracking: Your comprehensive guide with Medi Assist

Effortlessly track your health insurance claims with Medi Assist. Use website, MAven app, or WhatsApp Chat bot. Receive SMS and email updates for real-time information

Unveiling cashless claims: Understanding the cost aspect and your financial obligations

Discover the ins and outs of cashless claims and get clarity on whether you need to pay anything out of pocket. Gain insights into the financial aspects of cashless claims and make informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

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Health tech

Introducing Medvantage

Introducing Medvantage, a new technology marvel from Medi Assist that helps members be well informed about their healthcare spends. In this blog, read about Medvantage, its benefits and how members can access the benefits of the AI/ML based tool to maximise their health benefits’ usage.

Technology and security plays an integral role for us at Medi Assist

Medi Assist has been an evolving platform for years. We have seen a significant shift in information security guidelines in the Industry.

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Health bytes

The art of mindful eating: cultivating a healthy relationship with food

In a bustling world where meals are often squeezed between meetings and multitasking, the art of mindful eating offers a powerful antidote. This practice goes beyond calorie counting and restrictive diets; it's about transforming your relationship with food into one of nourishment, gratitude, and awareness.

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