Employee Spotlight | Episode 2 | Dr. Srinath Bhat

The pandemic changed the working model of the world. And now that the vaccine has gotten the world hope to recover soon from this dreaded virus, we want to bring to you our MAven, Dr. Srinath Bhat, to talk to you about our coping strategy during 2020!

Since day 1 of the lockdown, everything became virtual very fast, the reliance on technology and tech-based services grew very steeply and there was a sudden demand for services to go online. As told by Dr. Srinath Bhat, this pandemic revolution required adaptive leaders to step up and drive companies with a foreseeable business continuation plan. Ours was one such company that had foreseen the needs of our customers, in a post-COVID world and acted and adapted rather swiftly.

While we continued to hustle to meet the expectations of our customers, we also took good care of our employees and made sure that they didn’t face any issues working from home. The pandemic only made us stronger, our employees more resilient, and our members closer to us. Find out just how we coped with the pandemic brought by the virus, COVID-19.

Listen to the podcast here – spoti.fi/3awkz1o

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