Investigation Reports for Health Insurance Claims

Simplifying Medical Investigation Reports for Hassle-free Insurance Claims

When you register a claim, a hassle-free settlement is what you seek. With a few ready tips, we partner with our members to deliver a swift and seamless experience in such situations. A crucial link in this process is the availability of the Medical Investigation reports that help our evaluation and lead us to a decision on the requested claim.

Here’s a guided understanding for you to partner with us and help us in helping you:

What are investigation reports?

Medical investigation reports summarise the results of medical tests, examinations, and procedures conducted on a patient to confirm the diagnosis and determine the line of treatment.

Why are Investigation Reports Important for Medical Claims?

To process your medical claim, it is necessary to submit every report and document supporting the diagnosis and treatment plan. Our team requires these reports to effectively evaluate and conclude your claim.

Examples of investigation reports:

Different medical issues need specific reports to confirm the diagnosis. Following are the distinctive reports for some of the common hospital admissions:

  • Cataract: "A" Scan Reports, these reports help ophthalmologists determine the power of the intraocular lens (IOL) needed for the cataract surgery.
  • Hysterectomy: CT scan report, Pap Smear (Biopsy).
  • Missed abortion: An ultrasound report is mandatory to prove the diagnosis.

What if you are unable to submit the required reports?

Failure to share investigation reports within the stipulated time may result in the rejection of your claim.

Important: The insurer only accepts investigation reports signed by an MD Pathologist/Radiologist/Microbiologist, etc. as mandated by the Supreme Court of India.