Know your room rent limit to avoid unexpected expenses!

What is the room rent limit?

The room rent limit in health insurance is the limit decided by the insurer on the coverage of room rent and other boarding expenses during your hospitalization. It can be either a percentage of your overall sum insured or up to a fixed amount per day room charges per policy year.

For example – you have a health insurance plan with a sum insured of INR 2 lakh. If the room rent limit is 1% of the sum insured, you can receive coverage up to INR 2,000 per day towards the room rent. You will need to bear any expense over this limit from your pocket.

Now let’s discuss types of room rent limit in Health Insurance:

Room Rent without Sub Limits – In this type, the health insurance company will not decide any room rent limit. So during hospitalization, an individual can choose any room type according to his or her convenience.

Room Rent Limit with Specified Room Types – In this type of room rent limit in health insurance, individuals can choose from specified room types that may change from one health insurance policy to another.

Room Rent Co-payment – Some health insurance plans also provide room rent coverage on a co-payment basis. With this room rent type, if your room rent expenses exceed the pre-decided limit by the insurer, the room rent will be paid by you or the insurance company.

Room Rent with No Sub-limits as Additional Cover – With some health insurance policies, you can choose the option of room rent with no limit as an additional cover. To opt for this cover, you will need to pay an additional premium amount towards your policy. With this additional amount, you can enjoy no limit on room rent during your hospitalization.

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