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Social media is a great socializing tool and assists you in making new acquaintances, inspiring you, attracting business clients, and staying in touch with your long lost friends.

It can, however, be the reason you stay up late at night watching random videos and wondering where the last three hours have gone.

Social media is everywhere, and it has become an integral part of our daily life. It’s not going anywhere.But the main question to be asked to oneself is- Do the advantages of all this connectivity, however, for me outweigh the disadvantages?

If the answer to this question comes out as a no, then it’s high time that you should start limiting the time you spend on social media- here are 5 effective ways to overcome your addiction which work wonderfully.

  • Track your on-screen time & cut down the unneeded.
    There are numerous features in built in phones that can assist you in limiting your social media usage. Instagram has a ‘Your activity’ section in the settings. While iPhones have ‘Screen Time’ in the settings where all of it can be viewed and controlled.
  • Have a digital detox- take a break & pick up a screen-free hobby.
    According to research, those who devote two or more hours per week to arts-related interests (performing arts, visual arts, reading, etc.) have much better mental health than those who devote less time.
  • Do not have online arguments!
    Consider how you can utilize social media to promote the causes you care about in a constructive way. When someone attempts to provoke you into an argument, realize that if you want to persuade someone to change their mind- kindness is significantly more powerful than anger.
  • Use apps to restrict your social media usage.
  • Keep your phone away one hour prior to sleep.

Limiting your online time can help you get a better night’s sleep. As well as help you have a better social life, stronger conversations; negative feelings like anxiety, FOMO, self-doubt, and comparison are also decreased.

While there are both- great, and harmful aspects to social media, it’s you who can decide which side you want to be on.

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