We were awarded India’s Best TPA, 2020!

On the 27th of December, 2020, we were awarded India’s Best Third Party Administrator, 2020 by the Asia’s Insurance Awards, hosted by Insurance Alertss. Even though 2020 was a roller coaster ride since the very beginning, this news really proves that “All’s well when it ends well.”

Throughout the last year, we were driven by “run to win today, transform to lead tomorrow,” which motivates us to be the best we can be every day, and to continually imagine our customer’s journey!

As a Health Insurance TPA, we take it upon us to bring to our customers every feature that could make their claim processing more convenient and safe for you! For this, we have introduced so many features for our customers including Sum Insured Protect, Contact Verification, COVID Bed availability facility, Virtual Help Desks and many more, all in a matter of 1 year.

These features help our customers in more ways than they can get anywhere else. Being the Best TPA in the country makes our responsibility that much more to our members and potential customers. We, at Medi Assist, take pride in the fact that we could enable online submission of claims for 100% of our members through the Medi Assist portal and MAven app!

From helping our members address online claim submission challenges, to providing them with novel features to make their lives easy, we surely went through it all the last year.

Celebrate with us this achievement so that we can continue to help India adapt with the ever emerging Health Insurance industry!

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