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Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons with dense green trees and beautiful flowers in India. It is also a season where you will be very prone to cold and cough. Why? Because germs survive longer in damp conditions. There is much more moisture in the air which allows germs to multiply. 

By maintaining good hygiene during monsoons you can help keep yourself and your family healthy. Here are a few tips to follow to prevent from falling sick:

  • Do not indulge in street food. Pollution of water and raw vegetables is common during the monsoon. You can easily fall ill from contaminants.
  • Apply a strong insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away and prevent getting bitten. 
  • Where possible, try to avoid walking through dirty water. It can lead to numerous fungal infections of the feet and nails.
  • Avoid walking where water is lying on the road, as traffic will drive by and spray it all over you.
  • Do not wear wet socks or shoes for long!
  • Keep your skin clean by bathing twice a day. 
  • Use antifungal talc to prevent the accumulation of sweat and moisture in skin folds. 
  • Avoid staying anywhere near damp walls. It promotes the growth of fungus and can be harmful.
  • Drink lots of warming herbal teas, especially those with antibacterial properties.
  • Take Vitamin C to boost your immune system and help fight off infections.
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