Elevating customer service with whatsapp chatbot

Elevating Customer Service with WhatsApp ChatBot

In a significant leap towards enhancing customer service, we have introduced our WhatsApp Chatbot for health insurance policyholders. This user-friendly channel offers a host of conveniences at your fingertips.

Download Claim Forms: No more searching through websites or emails. With our WhatsApp Chatbot, policyholders can swiftly download claim forms directly on their devices, ensuring a hassle-free claims initiation process.

Locate Network Hospitals: In times of need, finding a network hospital is crucial. Our Chatbot enables policyholders to swiftly locate nearby network hospitals, ensuring timely access to quality healthcare services.

Locate Medi Assist Offices: Need in-person assistance or wish to drop off your documents? The Chatbot provides the location details of Medi Assist offices, ensuring policyholders can connect with our support team whenever necessary.

Download eCards: Forget physical cards; with our WhatsApp Chatbot, policyholders can easily download eCards, ensuring quick and efficient access to insurance details whenever required.

Track Claim Status: Stay informed about your claim progress effortlessly. The Chatbot allows policyholders to track the status of their claims in real-time, providing peace of mind during critical moments.

The WhatsApp Chatbot is designed to simplify your health insurance experience, offering a seamless and efficient way to access vital services. Say goodbye to the traditional complexities and embrace the future of customer service. Empower yourself with the convenience of WhatsApp Chatbot and experience a new era in health insurance assistance.

Getting Started with WhatsApp:

All you have to do is click on our WhatsApp business link OR, scan the QR code displayed below. Doing so will automatically redirect you to the official Medi Assist WhatsApp window. Just type “Hi” or “Hello” to initiate a conversation with us.

Access the WhatsApp Business window:


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