February Product Updates: A list of changes made to our Agent Portal

As the need for health insurance policies is increasing, the need for a customer-centric approach in technology is very crucial. The diverse population of our country makes it difficult for everybody to be technology oriented so technology itself needs to become people-friendly. In the hope to achieve that, we have updated our Agent Portal with features that make it easy for all types of people to reach out to the Insurance agents with their requirements.

Our agents have been central towards taking care of our customers for us. They are the first point of contact for our members whenever they have any queries regarding their policies or pending claims. To make their lives easier we have our very own Agents portal that helps keep track of all the members and their pending/settled claim details, along with their policy and dependent details, among other features. All they have to do is activate their account as a one time protocol.

We have updated the following features on our Agent Portal:

Ability to submit claims on behalf of their customers

Many times, members might not know how to raise a claim, either because they are not technology savvy or for ease of processing. In these moments, members might reach out to our agents to raise a claim for them. So far, we have not allowed agents to do the same for our members but given that most of our country comes from remote places, the percentage of tech savvy people are low.

Ability to react to document shortfall

Sometimes a member must not have checked his email about a probable document shortfall towards their claim settlement process. This can result in the member calling the agent to check about the delay in claim processing and settlement. The agent can then check which documents are missing and intimate the customer about it and also react to the same through his portal. This allows easier process flow for the customer.

Ability to download the ecard on the customer’s behalf

As we know, to avail the cashless/eCashless facility in a network hospital, an ecard is extremely important for members to carry. Since members might now know how to download the ecard themselves, they might reach agents to download the ecard for them. All that the agents have to do is login to the portal and enter the details of the customer to download the ecard.

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