Hand Sanitizer vs Hand Washing: Which is better?

The pandemic has made us realise the importance of personal hygiene more than ever! Since the start of the pandemic, people have wondered the effectiveness of hand sanitizer and hand wash!

Let’s end that dilemma once and for all!

When should you use:

Soap and water

  • Before, during, and after preparing food
  • Before eating food
  • Before and after caring for someone who is sick with vomiting or diarrhea
  • After changing diapers, or cleaning up a child who has used the bathroom
  • After handling pet food or pet treats
  • If your hands are visibly dirty or greasy

Hand Sanitizer

  • Before and after visiting a friend or loved one in a hospital or nursing home
  • If soap and water are not readily available

I think there is a clear winner here. Soap and water definitely has more use cases than hand sanitizers!

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