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Nina had to schedule a knee surgery for an accident that she had over a year ago. She scheduled an appointment at the same hospital that she was admitted at after the accident. She carried all her X-rays and medical documents along with her, but was surprised to see that the doctor already had her medical records with him. Not just that, her surgery, post-surgery care and discharge was so quick and hassle-free, it was almost like her doctors had tailor-made the procedure to suit her needs exactly. This was made possible because of Health Information Technology (HIT), which manages, stores, transmits data across sectors and enables specialists to view and access medical records anytime. Health information technology has the potential to improve the health of individuals and the performance of providers, thereby yielding improved treatment quality, cost savings, and greater engagement by patients in their own healthcare.

When you think of technology affecting healthcare, you are most likely to think of advanced diagnostic tools or other cutting-edge remote medical procedures. What we don’t realize is that the same kind of technology and analytics that we use to organize our day-to-day lives or track multiple projects can also be used on a much larger scale in the healthcare industry! The healthcare sector is leveraging technology by the day to ensure an exceptional journey for customers. Technology makes healthcare and health care benefits accessible, efficient, easy-to-track and less expensive for everyone.

Breaking the Boundaries of Healthcare

Medi Assist, India’s largest TPA, currently serves over 15% of the Indian population. By way of our technology, sustained partnerships and human touch, we aim to cover a billion lives. Managing and processing claims for so many members has given us access to a vast amount of patient information. This information is invaluable to insurers as they can re-design their policies on the basis of the total costs, non-medical expenses and the benefits that are most used by the insured. This data can also be used by corporates when budgeting and planning for corporate health insurance policies and by governments for public health schemes.

We make all this and more possible through our award-winning platform, MediBuddy, which is at the forefront of all our technological initiatives. At the core, MediBuddy is a self-help tool that enables you to make independent decisions. Available as a portal and also as an app, MediBuddy puts healthcare where you spend the most amount of time – online! In addition to being able to manage your claims and plan your cashless hospitalization with eCashless, you can also access a range of health and wellness services, at your fingertips. Infiniti, on MediBuddy, enables customers to choose health check packages at convenient locations, order medicines to their door-step, book consultations with trusted specialists, and many more things.

At Medi Assist, we are constantly trying to use technology to innovate our health benefits administration services and healthcare offerings, so our members can have a delightful experience and lasting wellness!


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