Claim management

Discover healthcare convenience with MAven app: Bringing health benefits to your fingertips

Discover ultimate healthcare convenience with the MAven App. Manage benefits, enroll dependents, access policy details, find network hospitals and streamline reimbursements effortlessly. Download the app now and experience seamless health management.

Effortless claim tracking: Your comprehensive guide with Medi Assist

Effortlessly track your health insurance claims with Medi Assist. Use website, MAven app, or WhatsApp Chat bot. Receive SMS and email updates for real-time information

Understanding query: Original pre-numbered bill of the hospital

Ensure a hassle-free insurance claim by submitting the original, pre-numbered hospital bill receipt. Missing or unofficial receipts may lead to claim rejection. Verify and secure all necessary documents for a smooth reimbursement process.

Claim rejection for non-disclosure of pre-existing disease (PED) post-waiting period

Understand the consequences of non-disclosure of pre-existing diseases (PED) in insurance. Failing to inform your provider about existing health conditions during the application process can result in claim rejection. Ensure transparency in disclosing pre-existing conditions to avoid complications during the claims process and potential policy cancellations.

Revolutionizing health insurance claims management in India with artificial intelligence

Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on health insurance claims management in India. Discover how AI streamlines processes, enhances accuracy, detects fraud, and provides efficient customer support. Embrace the future of health insurance with advanced technologies for unprecedented efficiency and resilience.

Download Medi Assist Claim Forms

Medi Assist’s blogs resolve all your insurance-related queries. Be it to understand Medi Assist claim forms or to download claim forms, we got it all covered!

5 tips to faster reimbursement claim settlements

Healthcare in India can be an expensive affair. However, looking out for our loved ones is something...