Online claim submission

Online Claim Submission FAQs

How does a TPA  work? TPA functions as intermediaries between the insurance provider and the policyholder and its key function is processing of claims and settlement. The TPA issues ID cards to policyholders, which have to

How can you track claims ONLINE?

With the Medi Assist Portal, you can know the status of your claim in real-time. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps: NOTE: In case any

All you need to know about Cashless Claims

Cashless hospitalization is a facility provided by the insurance company where the policyholder can get admitted and undergo necessary treatment without paying the hospital directly for the medical expenses. Cashless hospitalization

A Complete Guide to Online Claim Submission

What does this Online Claim Submission Guide Cover? Here’s a complete guide on online claims submission at Medi Assist Types of claims you can submit online? Submitting your claims is


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