You can submit all your claims through the Portal – Why opt ONLINE?

Submitting your claims is now easy and hassle-free with Medi Assist’s online claims submission process.  Our online claim submission process allows you to submit your claims through our Medi Assist portal to enable seamless submissions and faster processing of your claims.

What are the benefits of submitting claims online?

Benefits of submitting your claims online:

Here are some reasons why you should opt for Medi Assist’s online claim submission process:

  1. Ensures speedy claim settlements Claims submitted electronically are processed more quickly, resulting in faster payment.
  2. Real-time claim tracking. Get personalized notifications after you have submitted your claims online. For example, if there is a shortage of information or invalid submission, we can immediately inform you through a notification. You can then add/delete the information if required.
  3. Increase accuracy and cut down on claim rejections. While paper claims are often rejected due to inaccuracies, omissions, or other problems, submitting claims electronically can result in fewer lost or incomplete claims. In addition, you can opt to double-check your claims electronically for accuracy before submitting them.
  4. Reduced paperwork. Electronic claim submission eliminates the need to fill out and store paper claims, helping to streamline your billing procedures and simplifying your record-keeping, everything without the hassle of sending it offline.
  5. Decrease overhead costs and staff time. Submitting claims electronically reduces the clerical time and cost of processing, mailing, resubmitting, and tracking the status of paper claims, freeing up your time to perform other important functions.
  6. Increased Security. With the introduction of Sum Insured Protect, Contact Verification, and Claim Verification, we have amped your data security on the Medi Assist Portal. Submitting claims online gives you access to these security features as well.

Types of claims that you can opt for, all from the Medi Assist Portal.

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement, as the dictionary mentions, is compensation paid for money already spent. For a Mediclaim policy, reimbursement claims mean you pay the hospital bills first and get them compensated from the insurance company at a later stage. Opt for reimbursement claim option only if the hospital you or your family is getting treated in is not a network hospital. Opt for cashless otherwise. Learn more about Reimbursement claims and how to avail them ONLINE.

Cashless Claims

Cashless hospitalization can be availed only at a hospital that falls within your insurer network. It is a facility provided by the insurance company where the policyholder can get admitted and undergo necessary treatment without paying the hospital directly for the medical expenses.

Homecare/Domiciliary Claims

Not all forms of treatment require you to be admitted to a hospital. Instead, caregivers can administer medicines at your home. Or in other words, you can undergo treatment at home. This is domiciliary treatment. Under it, an insurer will cover the bills you accrue through domiciliary hospitalization. Learn more about Domiciliary Claims.

Outpatient Claims

OPD means an outpatient department, where patients come to the hospital to consult their health issues with the doctor to start the treatment. Patients are not required to be hospitalized but can visit any associated facility, such as a consultation room, diagnosis, pharmacy, etc., in the hospital. In case your mediclaim policy covers OPD expenses, you can avail cashless/reimbursement claims depending on if the hospital is in our network or not. Read more about OPD claims and their benefits.

COVID Claims

Any claim that is raised in line with COVID 19 treatment is called COVID claims. As Insurance companies started including them into mediclaim policies, if yours happens to be one of them, you can avail of this facility. The claims can be availed by submitting either cashless or reimbursement options, depending on if the hospital is in our network or not.

Vaccination Claims

Your mediclaim policy might cover the vaccination charges for newborns or adults, including COVID vaccination. These charges can be claimed by availing reimbursement option.

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