Reimbursement Claims and how to submit them ONLINE

What is a reimbursement claim?

Reimbursement, as the dictionary mentions, is compensation paid for money already spent. For a Mediclaim policy, reimbursement claims mean you pay the hospital bills first and get them compensated from the insurance company at a later stage.

How to submit reimbursement claims?

First, activate your Medi Assist account and then follow the 4 simple steps below:

STEP 1:  Notify us in advance of your upcoming claim.

Log into your Medi Assist portal or Medi Assist app and click the ‘Reimbursement’ tile. Next, fill in the required details and click ‘Intimate’.

STEP 2: Upload your documents online

Click a picture of your documents and upload them onto App/Portal.

STEP 3: Await confirmation on completeness of documents

Once you have uploaded your documents online, we will check if we have received all the necessary documents. We will intimate you in case any documents are missing or if any further information is required so that you can send us the complete set of documents in one go. This significantly reduces the time taken to process a claim, since no time is spent on multiple couriers and waiting for the right documents.

STEP 4: Send hard copies of your claim documents

Medi Assist begins the process of settling your claims once you upload the scanned copies of documents. However, do not forget to send us the hard copy of all your bills and documents you have uploaded within 15 days from the date of discharge, as claims can be settled only upon receipt and validation of the hard copies.

List of documents to furnish

Here’s a round-up of all the pro or documents you need to furnish to put your reimbursement on the fast track and make the process hassle-free.

  1. Original hospital final bill
  2. Original numbered receipts for payments made to the hospital
  3. Complete breakup of the hospital bill
  4. Original discharge summary
  5. All original investigation reports along with prescriptions
  6. All original medicine bills with relevant prescriptions
  7. Original signed Reimbursement claim form(Part ‘A’ should be filled and signed by claimant and Part ‘B’ should be filled and signed by Hospital Authority with Seal.)
  8. Copy of Govt. ID proof of Patient and PAN card of Proposer.
  9. Cancelled cheque or Passbook copy or Bank statement (containing IFSC, Account No and Account holder name) of Proposer
  10. Copy of the Medi Assist ID card/ current policy copy and previous years’ policy copies (if any)
  11. Covering letter stating your complete address, contact numbers and email address (if available).

In case your insurer needs you to send the original hospital bills and documents, the same will need to be couriered to us within 15 days of claim submission online. You can courier them to your nearest Medi Assist office. You can check the list of branches here:

Best practices

Medi Assist provides several options to help you keep track of your claim based on your Claim number, Medi Assist ID, email address or mobile number.

  1. You can  go to Enter your details to search for your claim details.
  2. Opting for our SMS alerts is another good way of keeping track of your claim. Just SMS Claims [Claim Number] to +91 96631 49992 to obtain real-time status of your claim**.**

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