5 tips to faster reimbursement claim settlements

Healthcare in India can be an expensive affair. However, looking out for our loved ones is something that comes naturally to us, more so when it’s a medical emergency. Moreover, the uncertainty and rising number of medical incidences make health insurance policy a good to have for every family member. Therefore, choosing a good policy with comprehensive coverage becomes crucial.

Ideally, cashless is a great way to leverage your health insurance policy. However, in some cases, you may have to pay your hospital bills upfront. But that is nothing to worry about, so you can get this amount reimbursed via Reimbursement Claim settlements.

Notwithstanding the value of the sum insured, we still have plenty of doubts when it comes to reimbursement claim settlements. It can be a tedious process, one that might take few days to few months to process. For this reason, it is not just essential to have a health insurance cover but also to know the reimbursement process before signing up for them, to avoid future hassles.

You might want to avail reimbursement claim if:

  1. You want to admit yourselves or your loved ones to a Non-network hospital.
  2. Due to some anomaly, your TPA rejected your cashless claim pre-authorization.
  3. The desired hospital has lower costs for the planned treatment.
  4. There is a coordination issue with the desired hospital and your TPA.

Following are some tips that you can follow to get speedy reimbursements:

  1. Opt for online claim submission instead of mailing us all your documents. We will notify you in case any of your documents are missing. If you are a retail customer, the first thing you need to do is learn to activate your Medi Assist account
  2. You can then proceed to submit your reimbursement claim online.
  3. Carefully fill your reimbursement claim form, along with original receipts of hospital documents.
  4. Check out the document checklist for Reimbursement claims before submitting the claim form.
  5. Submit a discharge card and a post-hospitalization prescription stating that the patient is fit for discharge is mandatory for most policies and keep a copy of all the documents submitted for future use if the Insurer might need you to send them the original bills.

Preparing and taking all the necessary steps to ensure complete document submission is the key to speedy reimbursements.

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