Celebrating A Safe Diwali

The Festival of Lights - filled with hope and prosperity is around the corner. Diwali brings togetherness every year and it's finally the time to celebrate!

However, we need to take care of our health during the process too, as enjoyment and health go hand in hand.

We wish you a safe & prosperous Diwali!

Below are some tips to have a gala celebration with your family this Diwali!

  • Gifts are a small part of showing love & gratitude to the closed ones. Present your family with a healthy gift this year, or even better give them a health checkup or retreat!
  • Don't say no to your favorite dishes, but remember to not overeat and always stay hydrated! It'll help you to feel fresh throughout the day & the pollution during Diwali.
  • Stay away from the smoke of fireworks!
  • Enjoy a gadget free Diwali & indulge in creative activities like making diyas, lanterns and other fun-filled family time activities.
  • Instead of shopping for your favorite sweets, try something new and help in making those at home. Everyone will love this gesture.

Here's some important Dos & Don'ts to follow for a healthy & climate-friendly Diwali.

The Dos:

  • Say no to crackers. Climate change is real, and so are its consequences. Enjoy a healthy Diwali filled with love for your family and their health.
  • However if you do wish to burst crackers, opt for pollution free crackers. Look for a safe & open space ensuring there are no combustible and inflammatory materials around.
  • Keep children away from the crackers area.
  • Keep a bucket full of water ready for sudden times of need.
  • In case of burns, use plenty of water on the burnt area. If it's major then remove affected clothes, cover the patient in a clean bed sheet and take them to a burns specialist or multi-facility hospital.
  • Use an incense stick or sparkler to light up heavy crackers from a safe distance.
  • Be careful with aerial fireworks, and make sure they're facing 90 degrees upright, and that there's no house with open windows or doors around in its possible way.
  • Be prepared for an emergency!

The Don'ts:

  • At all times, dress up in clothes made of cotton. Strictly avoid nylon & silk.
  • Do not use a lighter, candle, or anything with an open flame to light the crackers. It is completely unsafe!
  • Never experiment with fireworks or try making one on your own. The consequences can be dangerous.
  • Do not throw fireworks around! Look for a safe & empty space.
  • Never let infants, pets, or small children come in too close to the crackers. Both flames and the noise are harmful for them!
  • In case of any burn, do not apply any cream or ointment on the burnt area!