Health insurance claims

Investigation Reports for Health Insurance Claims

Understand the importance of investigation reports and how to handle missing reports. Get insights into required investigation reports for successful approval of a claim.

Discover healthcare convenience with MAven app: Bringing health benefits to your fingertips

Discover ultimate healthcare convenience with the MAven App. Manage benefits, enroll dependents, access policy details, find network hospitals and streamline reimbursements effortlessly. Download the app now and experience seamless health management.

Effortless claim tracking: Your comprehensive guide with Medi Assist

Effortlessly track your health insurance claims with Medi Assist. Use website, MAven app, or WhatsApp Chat bot. Receive SMS and email updates for real-time information

Unveiling cashless claims: Understanding the cost aspect and your financial obligations

Discover the ins and outs of cashless claims and get clarity on whether you need to pay anything out of pocket. Gain insights into the financial aspects of cashless claims and make informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

Understanding the importance of properly documented hospital bill receipts for reimbursement claims

Discover the crucial role of properly formatted and stamped hospital bill receipts in reimbursement claims..

Understanding query: Original pre-numbered bill of the hospital

Ensure a hassle-free insurance claim by submitting the original, pre-numbered hospital bill receipt. Missing or unofficial receipts may lead to claim rejection. Verify and secure all necessary documents for a smooth reimbursement process.

Claiming treatment expenses from multiple health insurance policies: A comprehensive guide

Discover the step-by-step process for effectively claiming treatment expenses from two or more health insurance policies. This guide provides valuable insights on coordination of benefits, submission requirements, and key considerations to maximize your coverage.

Claim denial due to waiting period: Should you consider discontinuing your insurance policy?

If your insurance claim has been denied citing the waiting period as the reason, this guide will help you deal with the situation better. Explore the implications, alternatives, and considerations when faced with a claim denial.

Unveiling the truth: Debunking 12 myths surrounding health insurance Claims

Discover the real facts behind common misconceptions about health insurance claims. Our comprehensive blog explores and debunks 12 prevailing myths, empowering you with accurate information to navigate the complexities of health insurance and maximize your coverage.

Claim rejection for non-disclosure of pre-existing disease (PED) post-waiting period

Understand the consequences of non-disclosure of pre-existing diseases (PED) in insurance. Failing to inform your provider about existing health conditions during the application process can result in claim rejection. Ensure transparency in disclosing pre-existing conditions to avoid complications during the claims process and potential policy cancellations.

Revolutionizing health insurance claims management in India with artificial intelligence

Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on health insurance claims management in India. Discover how AI streamlines processes, enhances accuracy, detects fraud, and provides efficient customer support. Embrace the future of health insurance with advanced technologies for unprecedented efficiency and resilience.

Elevating customer service with whatsapp chatbot

Transform your health insurance experience with our whatsApp chatBot! Easily download claim forms, find network hospitals, locate Medi Assist offices, download eCards, and track claim statuses seamlessly. Click the whatsApp link or scan the QR code to enjoy a new era of customer service convenience.

What is a TPA and what are its roles?

Over the past few years, there has been a subsequent increase in the number of insurers, policies sold, and buyers.

Download Medi Assist Claim Forms

Medi Assist’s blogs resolve all your insurance-related queries. Be it to understand Medi Assist claim forms or to download claim forms, we got it all covered!

5 tips to faster reimbursement claim settlements

Healthcare in India can be an expensive affair. However, looking out for our loved ones is something...

You can submit all your claims through the Portal - Why opt ONLINE?

Submitting your claims is now easy and hassle-free with Medi Assist's online claims submission process.

Reimbursement Claims and how to submit them ONLINE

Reimbursement, as the dictionary mentions, is compensation paid for money already spent. For a Mediclaim policy...

Online Claims Submission now made safe and secure through improved security features

In a world where everybody is highly cautious about the whereabouts of their personal and professional data...

Online Claim Submission FAQs

TPA functions as intermediaries between the **insurance** provider and the policyholder and its key function...

How can you track claims ONLINE?

With the Medi Assist Portal, you can know the status of your claim in real-time. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps...

All you need to know about Cashless Claims

Cashless hospitalization is a facility provided by the insurance company where the policyholder can get admitted...

A guide for retail customers and agents to activate their Medi Assist account

Activating your Medi Assist account is simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions listed below.

The best gift for your child: Health Insurance

Not only grown-ups fall ill, but kids do also fall ill.  In fact, the immunity levels are quite low in children as compared...

2020: Year of change

Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make for your family's safe future.

Importance of Micro Health Insurance Plans

Micro health insurance plans provide insurance coverage to individuals living in rural sectors.

Should you opt for health insurance that covers OPD expenses or not?

Have you ever thought about how many times you or your family members get hospitalized in a year? Not at all or probably once in a blue moon.

February Product Updates: A list of changes made to our Agent Portal

As the need for health insurance policies is increasing, the need for a customer-centric approach in technology...

Is telemedicine covered in your health insurance plans?

COVID-19 has changed a lot of daily practices that we used to follow. One of them is the way we used to consult the doctor.

What you need to Know about Domiciliary Hospitalization

It is common knowledge that a health insurance policy is a wise investment because it covers a range of health scares and emergencies.

Health Insurance Cover for Senior Citizens: A Complete Guide

As you grow older, your body becomes frailer and your immunity weakens. That is why you become vulnerable...

Standard Templates for Reimbursement Claim Documents

For a claim to be processed and approved, it is critical to have all paperwork in order.

Your Sum Insured is Safer Than Ever Before with Medi Assist

We at Medi Assist are always working towards making the process of online claim submissions not just easier...

3 Ways Medi Assist Ensures Claims Security and Fraud Control

Health insurance is something that provides all of us with an added layer of security especially in situations...

Health Insurance Policies and Coronavirus

Even though for quite some time India seemed to be immune to the coronavirus outbreak as it sped to nations globally...

Filing claims with two insurance companies – Risk or necessity?

To understand how to get the best out of health insurance policies, people pose many questions to experts.

Top-up insurance policy: Things you should know!

Health care is expensive and the cost of health services is increasing by the day. That is why treatment for an illness or a stin...

Common reasons for difference in claimed and approved amounts

You just bought a health insurance policy, knowing that it will help to safeguard yourself and your family's...

Medi Assist E-card: Your Online Identity Card

Are you or your loved ones getting admitted to the hospital for any treatment? Then carrying a Medi Assist e-card is absolutely mandatory.