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Presently, virtual learnings have become the order of the day. Virtual training offers benefits in terms of scale, location, flexibility, and cost.

 At Medi Assist, we have adopted virtual learning, and employees have accepted it gracefully. In the last year, almost all the technical and behavioral training was delivered through virtual platforms.

 Key highlights which made the training sessions a success:-

  • The size of each module was byte-sized, having specific learnings and outcomes. The modules ranged from 1 hour to 2 hours.  
  • We encouraged discussions through icebreakers, knowledge sharing, and asking questions.
  • The use of tools like polls and breakout rooms helped break the monotony and bring in encouragement.
  • The virtual learning initiative was supported by our Learning Management System, where participants had access to courses, course videos (self-learning and recorded videos of virtual sessions), presentations, policy documents, assessments, and assignments.

Every MAven underwent at least one Virtual Learning this year.

We clocked an average of 20 learning hours per person during this year.


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