Easy ways of staying fit at home!

We know that during these trying times, many of our go-to routines have suddenly stalled. Taking care of our emotional and physical health is crucial during this period of uncertainty and stress.  But your physical fitness doesn't have to suffer just because the gym is temporarily closed.

Below are a few ways in which you can maintain your physical fitness and also stay safe from Covid-19:

  • Try to walk, run or bike outside, as long as you keep a safe distance from other people and wear a mask. You can also use your terrace to walk/jog.
  • Practice Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) at home or your terrace. It not only provides physical fitness but also infuses you with positivity and zeal.
  • Try easy workouts at home, which can include - squats, lunges, crunches, pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, etc.
  • You can utilize your daily-use things as gym equipment. For example - you can use water bottles in place of weights, sturdy chairs for step-ups, towels, etc.
  • Another way to stay fit is through dancing. Choose a playlist that makes you move and dance till you sweat it out.

Physical activities tend to uplift mood, reduce stress and give a positive boost! These activities not only keep you physically fit but also help you to stay emotionally balanced.