The Insurer Portal has been updated for your convenience

Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, we have made some changes on the Insurer Portal for better visibility and priority setting. Both these features give you clarity, thereby saving time and making processes simpler and more efficient.

COVID Dashboard:

As you may already know that we have been prioritizing COVID claims over the past few months to ease the situation for the members. To help you get a fair understanding of the COVID claims being processed, we have created a visual dashboard within the Medi Assist portal that can give you an overview of COVID approvals and denials. The data for various Insurer offices will also be available, enabling insurers to speed up the discharge process.

Steps to access the COVID Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Medi Assist insurer portal (
  2. Click on the "Dashboard" option
  3. Add any relevant information and submit to see all the general claim approvals and denials, along with the COVID claim approvals and denials

Information Requests (IRs) - Queries on clarification and/or document shortfall

The latest update on the Insurer Portal makes it easy for you to have visibility on the IRs raised by the hospitals. These requests could be in the form of queries on clarification and/or document shortfall. The portal gives you an option to either accept or deny these IRs, making the process seamless, thereby reducing the turnaround time (TAT). We hope that these updates help you navigate the pandemic smoothly.

Stay Tuned for any further portal updates!